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Stuff: Harry Potter and the New Half-Blood Prince Teaser

  • Remember that Harry Potter trailer that was coming. It’s here. Enjoy. Creepy damn kid, huh?

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  • Anti-hypertension medicine (which is for your blood pressure, not for being extremely tense) might help stave off Alzheimer’s. Nobody knows why they just have a study saying it seems to work. Any news on this front is good news.
  • The more-than-likely-cancelled Kelsey Grammer series Back to You hits DVD as “Season 1” on October 14th. Pre-order yours here. I hate to say this, but they should have had Grammer guest star on the show as Fraser and play both parts with no one in the show even acknowledging the fact that they’re played by the same actor. Would have been a huge ratings boost. Speaking, of Grammer, he’s back in the hospital with chest pains. We hope he gets well soon.
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  • Cheech and Chong and reuniting to do a comedy tour called, “Hey, What’s That Smell?” Details will be announced tomorrow. I think they should enlist a band in each stop of the tour, big or small name band, for “Earache My Eye.” Source: Variety.
  • Remember Drank, the anti-energy drink that’s the nemesis of everything we hold dear? Yeah: not worth it, says The Consumerist.
  • Bob Dylan‘s latest entry in his Bootleg Series–Vol. 8–is out on October 7th from Columbia. This is called Tell Tale Signs. It’s three discs of unreleased and alternate tracks from 1989-2006. They’ve also redesigned his website and you can download “Dreamin’ of You,” an unreleased track, over there (if you sign up on the site).
  • If you had the LOST posters up, you can take them down. Tony Jaa showed up last night on a TV talkshow to say that he wasn’t missing, he had gone off to “pursue his artistic quest,” and that he wasn’t overbudget–he had only received the equivalent of US$3.5M from the studio rather than the US$7.5M they’re saying he’s spent. Not to sound like a cynical bastard, but this could all be a stunt to draw attention to the film. Did you know there was a sequel until Jaa went missing? Me neither. Source: Variety.
  • Lionsgate has announced their October 14th releases: Arch of Triumph with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Laughton; a special edition of Capricorn One; a 15th Anniversary Edition of Chaplin; Ghost House Underground, a boxed set of horror films picked by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert; and One Touch of Venus with Ava Gardner. No pre-orders available yet.
  • In a diabolical move to get me interested in Batman comics, since Paul Dini can’t write them all, The Neil is doing a two-part story drawn by Andy Kubert. It hits in January. In-sidious.
  • G4 is playing it smart and importing The Peter Serafinowicz Show, which is just flat hilarious. Try some samples here and here. There’s only the six episodes, though. When is Series 2 arriving? Source: Variety.
  • Jack White and Alicia Keys are teaming up to do the opening song for Quantum of Solace. The song is called “Another Way to Die.” First drafts of the song reveal that several ways to die were tossed about, including firing squad, jumping from a plane without a chute, calling a rhino’s mother names and soft jazz. The settled upon titular way to die has been kept under tight wraps and will not be revealed until October.
  • There is apparently a stateside Pink Floyd tribute act called Think Floyd USA. The reason I bring this up is that they are going to be featured in the “first Pink Floyd themed concert cruise to the Bahamas.” If you’re interested, you can check out the website at I will say nothing except that…shouldn’t it be “Great Gig on the Sea”? Because if you’re in the sea, you’re either in a submarine or you’re, you know, in a lot of trouble. Pack your floaties.