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Warners Attempts Brand New “Foundation” Adaptation

Foundation Repair

This is interesting. Warner Brothers has apparently picked up the rights to Isaac Asimov’s Foundation from Fox, where it had languished for quite a while. Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, who founded New Line Cinema and are now producers under the banner of “Unique Features” have picked this for their first project. Vince Gerardis (executive producer of Jumper and, sadly, I, Robot) was on board to produce at Fox and remains on board. This version of the film will adapt the first book in the original trilogy and hope that it works well enough to do the second and third books later. This is in contrast to the Jeff Vintar (also I, Robot) version that tried to hit all three books at once and then only adapt the latter bits.

Now bear in mind this project has been bouncing about (albeit slowly) since…well, since before even Corona’s Coming Attractions came on the scene (while it was alive) to track such nonsense. In 1994, TriStar had the rights. Went nowhere. February, 1996: the rights went to New Line with Dennis Feldman (Species, but also, hey–Golden Child) to scribe. Then…went nowhere and into turnaround. Then in 2000, Variety reported that it had resurfaced at Fox with Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth) in the chair. It’s no doubt after this point Vintar came on board. But I’ve not seen Kapur mentioned since–and really, after Golden Age, I can’t say I’m too torn up about that.

Bob Shaye really wants to see this made, so perhaps there’s hope for it and perhaps there’s hope for it being done right. But let’s not forget: I, Robot, as much as we might collectively have been displeased by it? Nearly $350 million worldwide box office.

I tell you this because I figure you’d want to hear it from a friend. Anyway, there you have it. If anybody knows anything else (or if you happened to read the Vintar or Feldman drafts), would love to hear your take on it.

Source: Hollywood Reporter. Foundation repair image.


  • Why? This would be the one Science Fiction story I would actually stay away from. It is dull as dish water.

  • Not really. This trilogy if even reaches to be 2 movies has one of best sci-fi stories ever made and sure hit in worldwide box office.

    If it reaches the suspense and action I, robot had Foudation would be the next “Star wars”.