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A Comic Book Lover’s Attire

Comic book panel dress

This fabric was used by Kristen at Woolgathering to make a dress and it’s actually the perfect dress for Comic-Con, which is where she wore it. So congrats. Here’s my favorite bit:

Compliments at Comic Con – 22 (yah, I totally counted), including one large black man who pointed at me as he walked by unsmiling and said, “I want a dress like that!”

I must also commend Kristen for this, and maybe this is a completely male comic book reader reaction, but she was smart not to position panels with “ARGGH” over certain parts of her anatomy. Because that’s the sort of commentary that no one wants. Instead “I’ll get you yet!” appears there. Which is a more positive sentiment, to be sure.

Yeah, it’s sad that I noticed that. But if you’re just figuring out I’m sad then you haven’t been paying attention. Found via Craftzine.