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Wayhomer Review #61: Atlas Shrugged Part 1

Taylor Schilling as Dagny Taggart from Atlas Shrugged Part 1

with caveat

Episode #61 for Atlas Shrugged Part 1, in which our protagonist explains that he does not eat human infants and resents the implication, discusses the limitation of an hour and forty minutes, and basically just struggles to separate the book from the film.

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  • I’m glad you brought up the “Game of Thrones” approach, which is, frankly, still what I’m hoping for from American Gods.

  • Rand was an atheist, as well as an Objectivist, so she was able to justify her baby eating?

  • Wolven: Like I said, given that the Games of Thrones Approach may turn out to be “cram it into ten hours” instead of “cram it into two hours,” which is an improvement but not ideal, I’m looking forward to whatever the next iteration is. In other words, the one with a diminished sense of cramminess.

  • Remember, according to one major religion, it was ethical for a guy named Abe to kill his baby in order to obey God (even though God called it off at the last second.)

    Which is kind of messed up.

  • I also read the books (twice) before seeing the movie, and am familiar with the philosophy and find it interesting and relevant. I admit that this influenced my experience with the movie. I think this review is right, in that someone who isn’t familiar with the material, might find the movie confusing. I think they did a good job with what they had, I just with they weren’t under such time constraints, as portions of it seemed rather jerky. Loved the train CGI. I just hope that they do make the other two parts of the trilogy, I’d hate for it to get stuck like Golden Compass seems to be.

  • Mr. Clean: Thanks for the comment. I fear they didn’t make their budget back domestically and I don’t know anything about an international release. I would think they could find enough donors to raise another $40M to make the other two films (reported budget of the first was $20M–and really, it might be made for less, when you consider a lot of the pre-production work is done and will hopefully be retained). Sadly, I think so many people had it in for the film critically that it’s going to struggle to keep going.