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Win Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors!

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors DVD cover art

What’s that? You don’t remember Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors? A team of characters in cars fighting a team of veggies that can morph into killer cars? Sort of like Death Race 2000 crossed with brussel sprouts. Based on a line of toys that you probably remember even less? No? Not ringing any bells? Here, let me help you–here’s what Shout Factory says:

When a solar flare wreaks havoc on his botanical experiments, Jayce’s father is forced to flee from his accidental creations: Saw Boss and his band of ruthless mutated plant life called the Monster Minds. Now it’s up to Jayce, joined by the valiant Lightning League, to reunite with his father and combine the two halves of the magic Root amulet—the only object capable of purging the universe of Saw Boss and his army forever. Based on the popular line of Mattel toys, and scripted by acclaimed writers such as J. Michael Straczynski (creator of Babylon 5), the first 33 episodes of Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors finally make their way to DVD, taking nostalgic action to a whole new level!

Still no bell action? Hmm. Try this:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Did that help? Thought it might.

You can also check out a trailer for the release here. Or a streaming clip from the show (Windows Media; Quicktime).

But basically, this four disc set has got the first 33 episodes from the show, plus concept art, and two pilot scripts. This is all from Shout Factory.

Want to win it? Enter and get your animation nostalgia fix.

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