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We Heart Caffeine

So here we are, with a gallery of folks proclaiming their love of all things caffeinated. Ladies first, as always.

Elizabeth with chocolate

Elizabeth is here sporting a bit of chocolate. Just a bit, but it counts.

Diana with coffee and chocolate

Not to be outdone, Diana is partaking of the nectar of the gods while holding her own chocolate in preparation for its delicious destruction.

Cindy with mug

Cindy’s mug speaks for itself.

Cosette with coffee stack

And Cosette is on hand with various and sundry brands of coffee, many of which can be consumed over the course of a day in the life of the staff.


Kicking off the male contingent of caffeine achievers, Jon from The Unique Geek sent in his coffee stash that he comes to work with each day. He tells us: “Here is my daily coffee intake. Yes, both thermosi are full of life giving brown gold; and yes I drink them both. I bring my own deliciousness in to work because the ‘coffee’ they give away here should really only be used to get dried cement off of cement trucks.”

Jon from The Unique Geek--now with speed lines!

And that’s Jon partaking. His coffee’s so strong it makes him almost seem like he’s got speed lines around him. Rock.

Jason Service vs. a giant chocolatey thing

Next up, Jason Service, who has shaved off all his facial hair in order to make himself look less like the artist’s rendering the police have been passing around.


ScottC is drinking a Diet Coke. And he looks so damn serious doing it. Weird.

Ken Plume

And here’s Ken, consultant to Needcoffee, and head burrito at Quick Stop Entertainment.

Widgett gnawing on shock coffee

And lastly, this guy. The man with the face for radio and the voice for print, proving we’ll post just about anybody’s picture on here.

Thanks to everyone for participating. See you next year for the second annual Caffeine Appreciation Month.