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The Huts of Scott and Shackleton

From Robert Falcon Scott

I have some sort of attraction to the concept of abandoned things. Not just because I have a character who takes photos of such things, but…well, I honestly don’t know why. Normally what I find are bits of “urban decay,” i.e. buildings left to go to ruin simply because humans had no use for them anymore. Or tunnels no longer in use. Or any variation thereof.

But this is different and fascinating: the huts of Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton. Antarctica is pretty far removed from the concept of “urban.” They stocked this one hut, but Scott died before he could get back, and Shackleton, you know, got a little waylaid. (If you don’t know the story of Shackleton, you really should check out this documentary. It will blow your mind. I interviewed the director long, long ago…it’s still in the archives.)

See the full post with its pics of both huts here.

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