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And in the Winning News…

The In Bruges swag got snagged by Sherri Siler of Maryland.

The Swamp Thing DVD goes to Ben Jameson of Kentucky.

The Royal Tramp DVD goes to Neal Roberts of Missouri.

And our LOLPoetry winner is Erstwhile, who first identified properly that the poem in question was “Sunday Morning” by Wallace Stevens.

And their take on the opening lines:

U can has cheezburger frum teh dead? WTF?
Wot is ceelin cat if he cant watch u
Cept when u is dreamin?
She’s in ur sun findin ur comfort…

Excellent. Thank you to all the budding LOLpoets. More winning. It happens all the time. To people just like you. Subscribe to our news feed lest you miss an opportunity! Do it for the children if not for yourselves.