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Kroll Ontrack: For Your Hardcore Data Recovery Needs

Hard drive from the Space Shuttle Columbia

I’m sure we’ve all lost data at one point or another. Sometimes you lose data that you really can’t afford to lose and you have to get an expert to go in and literally resurrect the data from the hard drive. I had a friend go through this recently–and it ain’t cheap. But I think this trumps all: a company recovered data from a hard drive that had been onboard the Space Shuttle Columbia when it exploded back in 2003.

“When we got it, it was two hunks of metal stuck together. We couldn’t even tell it was a hard drive. It was burned and the edges were melted,” said [Jon] Edwards, an engineer at Kroll Ontrack Inc., outside Minneapolis. “It looked pretty bad at first glance, but we always give it a shot.”

Using the data they found intact on the drive, they were able to let researcher finish and publish an experiment. You can also see why DOS is still your friend by reading the full article.

Pointed out by Ed at The Unique Geek.