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Help Gene Colan

Gene Colan

Well, this sucks. Comics Reporter informs us that Gene Colan’s liver has failed. This, as you might could figure out on your own, is Very Goddamn Bad. Colan was the artist for scads of classic comics, including Daredevil, Tomb of Dracula, and Tales of Suspense. If you’ve read comics, you’ve seen and know Colan’s work. He’s inescapable. And damn good.

If you want to help out, there’s various ways to do so. First, they need money because you can imagine the medical costs are extensive. There’s auctions running for some of his artwork to raise money.

Or if nothing else, a get well card can be sent to the address you can find at this blog. More info about Gene can be found at Mark Evanier’s place.

Found via Uncle Bear. (Left off the bloody hat-tip…I blame the opiates.)