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This Just In: Daniel Cooney’s Valentine

Dana Valentine is an assassin. A pretty damn good one, in fact. But there’s a price for that talent: she’s got big, gaping holes in her life and memories thanks to the MKULTRA program out of the CIA. So she’s got a gun and she’s got issues. So pissing her off is a really bad idea.

The issue we’ve got up here is the latest, the first part in a six-part arc that creator Daniel Cooney was debuting at the Con. Red Eye Press, the publisher of Valentine, is Daniel Cooney. And, hmmm, wonder why I would have an instant liking for anybody taking the law into their own hands and publishing themselves. Yeah, that’s a puzzler.

Anyway, here’s the good news: the book is snazzy. You’ve got guns, you’ve got cars being driven through houses, disembowelments and a solid story. Cooney’s artwork is clean and his “shots” are nicely cinematic. I’m looking forward to going back and catching the first two trades. And you should check them out as well. Here’s the Red Eye Press website for more info.