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The Doctor Says It’s Okay To Go Back on Caffeine Again

During my kidney stone difficulty, the ER folks said to go off caffeine. My doctor says I can now officially go back on it. Therefore I say…

At last!  My arm is complete again!



  • For a second, I thought you meant THE Doctor, proper noun, TARDIS and whatnot. Also, that caption is hysterical.

  • I know how you feel. Had that problem myself a couple years ago. Welcome back to the land of the caffeineated!

  • A very wise man (Harry Caray) once said “My stamina is based on the fact that I match every drink with a glass of water” This might be the greatest advice of all! Glad you are well again Widge!

  • B-Mage: Better him than Warren Ellis’ The Doctor, that’s for sure.

    BD: Thanks! Sorry to hear we are Brothers of the Stone. That shit is heinous.

    Wes: I wouldn’t go so far to say I’m well. Let’s just call it “less sick.” :)