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Win Strange Wilderness!

Strange Wilderness DVD Cover Art

What happens when you get a dumb comedy surrounding a nature program? You get Strange Wilderness, starring Steve Zahn, Justin Long, Ashley Scott, Jonah Hill and others. Would you trust that crew to go after Bigfoot? Me neither. But that’s what they do. I guess it was either that or work on a sequel to Sahara. So.

We have three copies here, courtesy of Paramount. You want to win one? Go for it.

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1 comment

  • Not to discourage the entries but I just saw this movie and it was a total disappointment. The cast was great. I mean you have some comedy gold from pretty much everyone in the cast. And, for Christ sake, Ernest Borgnine is in the movie.
    But, the writing was just terrible. It has some witty moments but it wasn’t up to the caliber of Grandma’s Boy, Accepted, Superbad or Beerfest.