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Colors Are Overrated Digest #4

Ms. Cephalopodina brooch from Paraphernalia

Your guide to cool things online. That are black. Because black goes with everything.

  • A whale flower vase designed by Alessandro Bêda. (Found via Neatorama.)
  • Double diamond stingray belts from the Torino Leather Company. Found via Playboy. Which just proves that I read the thing for the articles.
  • Monty Python Black Knight t-shirt, complete with red boar insignia on the front.
  • The Ms. Cephalopodina Brooch (pictured). Granted, it does have a great deal of white on it. But. The proper young woman has a pod on her head. How can we resist? Found via CraftZine.
  • Excellent shirt from Diesel Sweeties that speaks to the lonely nerd in all of us.

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