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Win a Love Guru 8-Ball!

Love Guru promotional 8-Ball

ATTENTION: Please do not be alarmed. A movie with a live action Mike Myers is going to hit cinemas. I repeat: do not be alarmed. I know you’ve forgotten what the man actually looks like, but we assure you that it is Mike Myers.

But if I was being paid uberscads to revisit Stuart Mackenzie as an ogre, then you’d never see me again. Which I guess puts a price on me to go away forever. So.

Anyway, your prize for this contest is a promotional Magic 8-Ball shaped like a live action Mike Myers in the titular role of The Love Guru, which opens June 20th in fine cinemas everywhere.

In additon to the poster, which we have below, you can check out Love Guru e-Cards and Pitka’s Book Club (where the book of the month sounds like one a lot of people could make use of). Want to win this swag? Enter, amigos.

Click for embiggification.
Love Guru poster

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

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