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Myst: Play It On Your PC, Then Your Playstation, Then Your Apartment

Mystery Apartment: the Clue Book

There seems to be a rash of stuff being hidden in and around peoples’ homes. Some vaguely sinister and some amusingly deranged. But this one is certifiably cool as hell. A family wanted to take the Fifth Avenue apartment they had just bought and have it redone, but not in a “cookie cutter” sort of way. They couldn’t have picked better, apparently: Eric Clough, designer, took the place and turned it into a giant (but pleasant) puzzle that needed to be sorted out.

It involves a book, a musical score, keys, crossword puzzles, more keys, and magnets. It sounds positively brilliant. I think cryptoarchitecture kicks ass and I think we need more of it. Imagine if you went to a school where the school itself was part of some massive puzzle and each year another piece of it is revealed by the students figuring stuff out. Imagine spending a bit of time relaxing on the weekend by wrapping your mind around the newest layer of mystery in your house, rather than just trying to figure out how to get that bedroom door to stay shut properly (unless that’s a clue).

Hell, I want my redesigned Technocave to have a hidden staircase already…this is making my mind do somersaults.



  • Man, why can’t MY house be loaded with secrets, puzzles, and crazy messages? Anyway, I’m wondering why it took them a year to realize anything unusual. Then again, I suppose they don’t actively search their residence for things like that. No, that’s just me. And the only thing I’ve seen thus far is a mummified squirrel.