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Win a Hellboy Book and Figure Set from Dark Horse!

Hellboy Book and Figure set from Dark Horse

That’s right, we’re just about two weeks away from Hellboy II: The Golden Army hitting cinemas. If you dig Hellboy–and you should–here’s a friendly reminder that while we have to wait four years between movies, there’s scads of books starring Mike Mignola’s creations available from Dark Horse now and ongoing. To check out all of their goodness, here’s their Hellboy Zone on the Dark Horse site.

But this is a contest, after all–and what do we have? It’s a combo toy/book thing–they’re taken a Hellboy figure and boxed it up with a digest-sized edition of Seed of Destruction with a new cover by Mignola. Nice.

Want to win it? You can enter once a day–and you should, to increase your chances. As always, Dark Horse is more than a big red dude with a stone hand. Check out their official site here. Tell them we said howdy.

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

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