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George Carlin’s Funeral to Get Picketed by Whackjobs

George Carlin smiling

George Carlin’s funeral is to be picketed by class act Fred Phelps. Their press release was headlined: “God Killed Potty-Mouth Comedian George Carlin And Cast Him Into Hell.”

Let’s see…Carlin’s career started in the 1960s. So it took Fred’s God this long to kill Carlin. Very impressive.

Personally, I think if there was a God, he and Carlin would be having a blast right now. But whatever.

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  • I love the Phelps. Not because I agree with them, of course, but because it gives me something to laugh at. Seriously, have you seen their website? It’s hysterical. I saw a sign that said God Hates Children. That’s a special kind of crazy.

  • Interesting. As it just so happens, I hate seafood, so I’m spared the eternal suffering and hellfire. Sweet.

    But I don’t even think of it as a sad sort of funny. Maybe the sad part just hasn’t hit me yet. Probably because he’s famous for being an idiot. Now, if he was widely followed, then we’d have an issue.

  • George was the top comedian…maybe of all time! Long live his legacy, he will be missed!

  • Oh my god. LOL…. here’s how influential Phelps and his Westboro congregation must be:

    “…. the church at Westboro which he leads has 71 confirmed members, 60 of whom are related to Phelps through blood or marriage or both”

    Inbred fucks.

  • Phelps vitriolic hatred nullifies anything else he says before or after that, as far as I’m concerned. To “preach” claiming to be a Christian; and then promote HATE – whatever you say after that it totally invalidated.

    He claims to be a “Christian Pastor” however he has NOTHING to do with Christ. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, nowhere in Bible text is Christ advocating HATRED toward others. This hate-monger and his wacko followers’ showing up at funeral demonstrations might get press, but it is merely callous theater.

    Back in ’96 in Nashville, on the day of the funeral for Al Gore Sr., (vice pres Al Gore jr.s father) Phelps showed up with a few followers with large signs that said “GOD HATES FAGS Romans 9:13” because, according to Phelps, his son “sold his soul to the fag agenda.” His followers join up they enjoy telling people to “go to hell.” Period.

  • Chop Chop: Yeah, I pointed out one time in a sermon how the whole “feed my sheep” message seems to have a tendency to get lost…

  • Of course if you’re a believer and still a fan, you could always pray for GC’s soul…it’s not like he can stop you or yell at you at this point anyway.