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Red Hot Winners!

And the Winner is...

So, winners. Yes.

For Puscifer, the winner is Deborah Wellenstein of Kansas.

Oban Star Racers will go out to Ray Manos of Arizona.

Drew Hastings swag goes out to Maggie Harper of Rhode Island.

The Best of Tests game will be testing Sharon Powell of New Jersey.

Our Indiana Jones winners are David Lane of Manitoba, Yin Ho of California, and Anne Olszewski of Utah.

Greg the Bunny winner? Ruth Adams of Ontario.

And these people will play host to The Host: Joelyn Campbell of Iowa, Seung-Ju Ahn of British Columbia, Christine Morris of New Jersey.

Thanks to everyone for entering…didn’t win? Don’t lose heart! Mostly because you need that thing to, you know, get blood to the parts of your body that require it. There’s always more to enter! And subscribe to our feed so you never miss one!