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Stuff: Steiff You Need to Know

Da Vinci: Resurrection

Sometimes stuff happens. And you actually need to know about it. But you could do without 500 words on the subject. We’re here to help.

  • Archaeologists have found a shopping centre in Britain that dates back to Roman times. This is in a field in Monmouthshire, South Wales. The archaeologists have so far found “coins, glass, ceramics, human and animal bones, lead patches used for repairing, and bits of mosaic” as well as evidence of an Orange Julius. Found via ArchaeBlog.
  • There’s a new piece of artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci. Well, not new, but rather newly discovered–in a private Swiss collection. The portrait of a young woman, “…actually a mixed-media of white, red and black chalks with additions of watercolor, is executed on vellum and measures approximately 24X33 centimeters. This is the first known Da Vinci work executed on vellum, a factor that probably led experts to believe that it was painted by a 19th century German ‘Nazarene’ artist. Moreover, the portrait appears to have been somewhat painted over in the 19th century during a very sensitive restoration.” The owner was overwhelmed. Considering they bought it originally for $20,000, I should say so. Especially considering they were told it was rubbish on an episode of Antiques Roadshow in 2005.
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  • Steiff, the German teddy bear maker who makes high-end teddy bears that are about as snuggly as steel wool, has decided to bring its factories home. This after Chinese factories simply can’t make the bears of sufficient quality. Of course, all of the quality workers have been drafted–I mean, sorry, they’re volunteering to clean out the algae bloom for the Olympics.
  • Warner Brothers is apparently got a slew of new boxed sets coming out. First up, from what we can tell, is a two-disc Batman Begins that comes with a third disc with two minutes of Dark Knight, a flash drive with 18 images of Dark Knight and more. That’s coming out next week, actually. The Blu-Ray flavor has exclusive stuff on it: The Dark Knight Prologue, a Prologue book, a comic book adaptation of the first six minutes of Dark Knight and more. Also coming are Casablanca, The Flintstones, 300, and more. You can see the report here and the first pics I found were here on the Digital Bits. I’ll post release dates when I get them.

    • Warner is also making Dark Knight T-shirts, fruit snacks, car decals, a modified Dark Knight blimp rental service, and, for a limited time, will sear the movie directly into your brain using the latest in surgical laser technology.

    • Yeah, man, I thought the Reese’s Cups were bad. Although some of those other boxed sets are pretty wicked. It’s sad that I want Christmas Story cookie cutters, isn’t it?