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Send Your Name to the Moon, Because Your Ass Is Staying Right Here

Send your name to the moon

NASA is letting you submit your name so it can “print a certificate and have their name entered into a database. The database will be placed on a microchip that will be integrated onto the spacecraft.” What spacecraft? Why, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter–

The orbiter, comprised of six instruments and one technology demonstration, will provide the most comprehensive data set ever returned from the moon. The mission will focus on the selection of safe landing sites and identification of lunar resources. It also will study how the lunar radiation environment could affect humans.

First of all, I think the “holy freaking crap I can’t believe we didn’t die getting here” and the “it’s not made of green cheese” data sets returned by the Apollo crews were pretty comprehensive. So I take issue with the whole “most” business there.

Anyway all of this means that you get a piece of paper that says your name is on a microchip orbiting the Moon. Best case scenario, your name is going to the stars and you are not. Feel free to let that depress the shit out of you and drive you to drink Because it probably should. Worst case scenario, shortly after the microchip goes up there, it will be encountered by invading aliens and probably be interpreted as a take-out menu. So either way, you should make peace with your gods.

The website that will drive sci-fi fans to drink is here. Found via Neatorama.

Update: Offer ended on July 31, 2008.