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The Coolest Typewriter in the World

Douglas Adams' Typewriter, signed

You know, we post stuff all the time about “Isn’t this amazing, I wish we could just go rob a bank and buy it.” But I’m going to chuck them all out the window. All of them. The Cartoon Network auction stuff, the Flux Capacitor, the art of AlexCF, and yes, even the Ecto-1.

Because AbeBooks is selling a first edition hardback of Hitchhiker’s Guide.

Um. Along with Douglas Adams’ typewriter. Signed by him.

I know. I know. We could start a religion with the damned thing. If I were you, I would print out the picture of it, tape it to the wall in front of your keyboard, and anytime you feel like you’ve got writer’s block or you’re doing something that won’t make you rich so you can afford to shell out US$25K to grab something like this–which is, let’s face it, probably the geek equivalent of being offered up the True Cross–you’ll get your ass in gear. I know I’m going to.

For shorthand, you can simply say “Typewriter.” And those of us who know, will nod and Understand. Found via The Steampunk Workshop.


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