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Headsup: DVD Horror Thrillers To Murder For

Demon Seed DVD cover art
The Screwfly Solution DVD cover art

Demon Seed. Dr. Harris (Fritz Weaver) is justly proud of his creation, the super computer Proteus IV (voiced by Robert Vaughn). However, Dr. Harris doesn’t anticipate that a learning thinking machine might develop a will of its own. What a shock. Indeed, Proteus wants to do what any life form wants to do, procreate. Of course Harris and the company who ‘owns’ Proteus aren’t anxious for Proteus to grow fruitful and multiply. But Proteus, being a million times smarter, has found a way. Dr. Harris’ wife, Susan (Julie Christie) lives in an automated house designed by the good doctor. Proteus hacks the house and turns it into a cage that Susan can only escape by becoming Proteus’ baby mama. This cult classic is a heady mix of Oedipus, Frankenstein, and exploitation cinema. Click here to buy it from Amazon.

Masters of Horror: The Screwfly Solution. A new plague has reared it’s microscopic head. But this bug doesn’t cause nausea or a fever. No, it changes the brain chemistry of men so that, when aroused, instead of getting signals to mate, they get signals to kill. Scientists Alan Alstein (Jason Priestly) and his colleague Barney (Elliot Gould) are desperately trying to a cure or treatment. As the plague worses, Alan’s wife Anne (Kerry Norton) takes their daughter to hide but Alan, now infected, has needs he must satisfy. Can Anne survive when any man she meets, even her husband, is a potential killer. Included in the DVD is a commentary from guest director Joe Dante and writer Sam Hamm, two behind the scene featurettes, and a photo gallery. Click here to buy it from Amazon.


I've Been Waiting for You DVD cover art
Killing Mr. Griffin DVD cover art

I’ve Been Waiting for You. Sarah (Sarah Chalke) is having more than the usual problems being the ‘new kid’ in a small Massachusetts town. Her classmates are convinced that she is the reincarnation of a witch burned 300 years earlier. They base this on the evidence that Sarah is ‘weird’ and she’s in the house the witch lived in. Typical high school stupidity. But kids start being skewered by a dark robed figure in the night. Is Sarah actually carrying out the witch’s curse or is someone else on the hunt and using Sarah as a decoy? This thriller is based on the book by Lois Duncan who also wrote Summer of Fear and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Click here to buy it from Amazon.

Killing Mr. Griffin. Mr. Griffin (Jay Thomas) is one of those teachers who makes his students actually work for a decent grade. Of course, his joy in the educational process is interpreted as sadism by some students. So Mark Kinney (Scott Bairstow), the big man of campus, and some of his hangers-on decide to take Mr. Griffin down a peg. They lure him into the woods and try to videotape him losing his shit. But Mr Griffin begins to ruin their game by keeping his head on straight. But he really ruins the plan by not being able to take his heart meds and dying on the group. Now the group of involved in a cover up, everyone is wondering who is going to talk first. And who is going to make them shut up permanently. This thriller is based on the book by Lois Duncan who also wrote Summer of Fear and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Click here to buy it from Amazon.