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You Are Here.

Happy Moon

If you’re sitting there thinking: “Wow, you know, I’d really like to get too much fucking perspective on my place in the universe, Widge!” Then no problem. Glad to be of service. Here’s what happens when you get far enough out in space (50 million miles): you get to see the Moon go around the Earth. Or, in spacespeak, “transit.”

Use it in a sentence. “The hotel shower was so small that we had to constantly transit each other to get to the water.” Well done.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

All seriousness aside, though, this is the bit that we like best: “This is a view that is literally impossible from the ground. Only a spacefaring race gets the privilege of this view from a height.”

See that? It’s a privilege. And it keeps your species from going out like a snuffed candle when a Bruckheimer movie-sized object decides to slam into us.

Found via Neatorama.