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SPACE! (The Podcast)

SPACE! by Len Peralta

It can finally be revealed: a super secret technological thinktank was recently assembled to solve the world’s problems in regards to space. This team consisted of Paul Sabourin from Paul and Storm, our very own Doc Ezra, Ken Plume of Quick Stop Entertainment and myself. And I want you to know: we pull no punches. We tackle the big questions. Like:

  • So, space, huh? Cool.
  • Can we sell naming rights for the moon?
  • If Andy Griffith can go into space, why can’t I?
  • Why aren’t there more robots fighting in space?
  • Where can we get a crapload of cheap keychains?

Because we know you have been pondering these same questions, albeit probably in a different order, we invite you to listen to this Podcast Special: SPACE!

(Adam Savage, we await your call, sir.)


SPACE! poster by Len Peralta from this book. Thanks to Jon of The Unique Geek for letting us party at his place.

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