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Stuff: At the Movies Goes the Way of All Flesh

Snow Glass Apples by Julie Dillon

  • At the Movies will keep on keeping on, but without Ebert and Roeper. Roeper has exited the show and Ebert hasn’t renewed his contract because the network wants to “take the show in another direction.” What directional choices there are for a show that’s reviewing movies, I have no idea. Knowing Disney and ABC, they’re probably wanting to turn it into an Entertainment Tonight clone hosted by some of the kids from High School Musical. Crap. I didn’t mean to give them ideas. Mea culpa. Source: Variety.
  • A Batman fan has figured out how to make me want to go see What Happens in Vegas.
  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is releasing a limited edition chapbook of The Neil‘s “Snow, Glass, Apples” and a perfume oil scent based on the same. They’re US$50 a shot–but there’s not a lot of shots. It’s a limited edition run of 1000. 250 get sold at San Diego, and the rest go on sale the 30th at their website. This is all to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which is a Good Thing. The chapbook also features artwork by Julie Dillon–who I had honestly never heard of before. But God Damn, I love her stuff. Having read the story and heard the audio play, I can’t wait to see what she does with the story. (That’s a snippet of her cover up there–check out the full thing at the CBLDF site.) And if you don’t own a copy of the audio play, you really should.
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  • A Conan Origins: Thulsa Doom movie? Okay, probably not under that title, but that’s the plan with Djimon Hounsou in board to play Doom and produce the flick as well. This is in conjunction with Dynamite Entertainment, who’s apparently going to give Doom his own title next year. Speaking of which, has anybody tried to link, Wold Newton-style, Thulsa with Victor Von? And before you snigger, they’ve argued that Nemo is Moriarty. So sky’s the limit.
  • Speaking of Conan, Conan O’Brien gets the keys to The Tonight Show on June 1, 2009. Jay Leno is out–and apparently doesn’t want to leave? But was part of putting together this transition plan? What? I have no idea. The article isn’t very helpful. Jimmy Fallon is taking over Late Night. The plan goes like this: Fallon hosts Late Night later this year–but just online. Then at the first of the year Conan’s out so he can start getting ready for June. No idea what Leno’s going to be up to yet. Source: Variety.
  • You ready for another musical? Coming in at #76 on the Things You Wouldn’t Expect to Get Turned Into a Musical is Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas, premiering December 7th at the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, Connecticut. It’s a little confusing because there’s actors in the principal roles, the article says, but Henson Company is making the costumes and puppets. So is this an Avenue Q-esque affair or what? New music will be provided by Paul Williams, the original composer. Apparently this is the same place that brought you Happy Days: The Musical in the spring. No, I’m not joking. #111. Source: Variety.

  • This is a long distance dedication to English teachers everywhere. Thanks to Abyssmia.
  • It’s nice to know that sometimes the government can do its most important job: keeping the government in line. The federal appeals court has tossed the FCC‘s US$550K fine against CBS because of a well choreographed (allegedly!) “wardrobe malfunction” that occurred when Janet Jackson’s nipple got some airing out…well, on the air. The court found that the FCC was arbitrary and capricious in levying the fine. They did not go so far as to say “get a life already” to Kevin J. Martin, chair of the FCC. I did that. Just now. Source: Variety.
  • Hendrix is coming to Guitar Hero: World Tour as a playable character with “Purple Haze (live)” and “Wind Cries Mary” with more downloadable tracks to follow. I think if they allowed you to do his version of “Star Spangled Banner” on Freaking Insane mode–if you did it just right, you would probably blow out your chakras.
  • Lime could be used in seawater to help cut back CO2 levels drastically. There’s an open source project apparently that’s working on this. Shell is helping to fund it, but you know who else should fund it? Corona. That’s right, Grupo Modelo should pitch in as well. Think about the advertising aspect: “Because everything is better with a little bit of lime.” Hire me already! I come up with this crap all day long! My rates are very reasonable! Source, but not for my rates: PhysOrg.
  • Season 3 of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour is getting the best-of treatment by Shout! Factory on September 16th. Eleven episodes, plus bonus bits featuring never-before-seen unedited content, interviews, audio bits, and more. Plus you get a slew of musical performances by everybody from Ray Charles to the Cast of Hair. Four discs. Not available for pre-order yet, so stay tuned.
  • Martha Stewart went to the DMV. You don’t actually need to know this, I’m just amazed she drives herself anywhere. Thanks to Artist in Residence Rox for the headsup.

    • Everything is better Jokerized.

      Except Jimmy Fallon will be too preoccupied laughing in the middle of SNL skits to host. He’s a busy man.

      I like Queen’s version of the banner better. Still, props to Guitar Hero, even if they are The Man, capitalized as a proper noun so as to imply that I was referring to the bad, conformist, corporate Man, which they are.

      …I just realized I seldom have anything nice to say. Hmm. (Furthermore, I am reading Watchmen, more on this as it develops, unless you don’t care, which is understandable.)

    • Blank Mage, you made a big step in your life. You will not regret this.

      Why wont there be a movie version of Oh Calcutta? Then they could make that into revised Broadway Musical.