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Brian Blessed on Being Bonkers and Art

Brian Blessed, who previously changed your life as host of Have I Got News For You, gives a speech, cracks jokes, and shows you just what his voice is capable of. Astounding. The whole thing is twelve minutes but trust me, you’ll dig it. I’m not sure what the exact context of the speech is, I’m afraid: the YouTube vid says it was for a “Vision Aid Overseas Charity event,” but it must have been coupled with an art show…not sure. Regardless, I’d be fine with Blessed reading the ingredients off a toothpaste tube. So.

And a bonus clip from Paul Merton‘s Room 101 after the break.

Direct link for the feedreaders.


Also, beware what you discuss on Room 101, where you get to air your pet peeves. This young lady’s name is Kirsty Young. She doesn’t like people who seem to have no idea how loud they’re being. So who do they call upon? Three guesses.

Direct link for the feedreaders.