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Ministry Bulletin: News Quickies

There’s a lot of sexy content floating about. I got these little news items and reviews and I didn’t want to try to fill out whole posts on them. So I figured I’d make one big thick post. Just think of it as little nibbles to your favorite area.

  • Japan, the land of the Rising Fetish, has a new niche blowing up the porn scene, elder porn. I wonder if one of the titles is ‘Wrinkled For Her Pleasure’? If you’re not in the mood to read, CNN reported on this as well.
  • Direct link for the feedreaders.


  • Part of my Ministerial duties is to examine various proposals and prospectus regarding carnality. Usually it’s some scheme for online porn and can be easily deleted. But this offers a cogent argument for ‘friends with benefits’ or as it is more crudely known ‘fuck buddies’. Now, I’m not disparaging monogamy. If you have found Mr. or Ms. Right, good for you. And if you go from one anonymous sex partner to another, rock on with your bad self. But a good many people want sex without having to be involved in a full blown relationship but would like to know the last name of the person they are having sex with. So if you’re trying to persuade Mr. or Ms. Right Now, this handy graphic should help.
  • A fearless soldier in the War on Sex is a woman known only as G.B. By only selling merchandise at her Hustler store in Cincinnati, the authorities can say it’s ‘obscene’, send her to jail for 12 months and stick her on the sexual offender list for 15 years. Yes, 15 years for selling something naughty. Of course, for the moralizing puritanical bastiches, selling someone a dildo is on the same level as rape or child molestation.
  • I know this isn’t what Bush meant by ‘stimulus package’.
  • Sex in Space
  • A journey to Mars will take months. How will astronauts relieve the sexual tension that will naturally build up. With space tourisms starting to take off, space hotels will be a natural development. Of course, one of the main purposes of hotels is for people to get busy. Well a leading space scientist is now calling on NASA to research how to have sex in zero gravity. Frankly, I can’t wait for Amazon to start selling the Nasa Sutra.
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