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Having Issues With YouTube Videos? So Is Everyone Else, Apparently

We're Sorry, This Video is No Longer Available

So I’ve started seeing the YouTube We’re Sorry issue, but at first I didn’t think anything of it. Thought maybe YouTube was under maintenance or just having issues. But unless I’m missing something, this is starting to be a big pain in the ass. You might have seen it on this site, even: a YouTube video comes up with the black nothing and “We’re Sorry, This Video is No Longer Available” on it. But if you refresh the page here or even click through to YouTube, then it magically starts working. There are people who have Google Accelerator and it needs to be turned off to fix the problem. I’m not running it. There are people who can’t read the full posts where it says that even on the YouTube site this is happening and think the videos have embedding turned off. That’s not the case. It could also be a virus on my machine, a problem with my network setup, something with flash…no, no and no. This is happening with scads of people across multiple browsers across multiple platforms.

All of this to say that if you are seeing the issue on Needcoffee, we apologize for the inconvenience. While we love the page views, we would never try to get you to refresh multiple times to see something. Just like this one website I went to that dimmed out the whole site and asked me to subscribe to its RSS feed, making me close out that window before I could read the article. Here’s a tip: let me see your content before you start getting in my face about winding up on my RSS reader, bucko.

So bear with this and either YouTube will get its shit together or it will die and we’ll replace the videos as they appear on other sites. We’re fine either way.

(And incidentally, if you’re seeing this and want to share any P.D. you’ve done, I’d love to hear about it.)