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Stuff You Need to Know: Hollis Needs More Friends

Hollis Hawthorne

  • Hollis Hawthorne is a performer who’s been involved in an accident in India. The Lady Porphyre mentioned this first, then I saw The Neil and Uncle Warren both do so. The full story is at Coilhouse. She’s got clearance to get treated at Stanford Medical here in the States as opposed to where she is now, where her boyfriend states “there are huge rats scurrying around on the [hospital] floor. I am sleeping on the ant-covered floor outside her room as I am not allowed in and the water they have used for many procedures is not even purified.” So they have to get her out of there and back here. The Friends of Hollis are trying to pull together the money to do so. Go here and help if you can. I’m donating for the boyfriend as much as I am for Hollis. I know that sounds weird, but I’m just imagining what I’d be going through if my significant other was going through this and the whole thing was almost completely out of my control. Hang in there, both of you.
  • Beatles: Rock Band is now available for pre-order–the software version, apparently–for $59.99. The “limited edition bundles” aren’t yet. But stay tuned, I’m watching for them. They’ll run you $249.99. “Exclusive content” will be there for people who pre-order, apparently. And for you total Beatles freaks (I am among you), “Accompanying instruments modeled after the ones used by Paul, John, George and Ringo also will be available for $100. The game will be playable with existing ‘Rock Band’ guitars, drums and microphones, though.” And here’s a nice touch: remember what I said about “Revolution 9”? Release date is 9/9/09. If you’re going to buy it anyway, if you could do it through us: we’d love the kickbacks. Thanks in advance: here’s links to buy your copy for the Wii, your copy of it for the Xbox 360 or if you own a PS3, you can get your copy here. Source.
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  • Dinner for Schmucks almost got squashed as Paramount and DreamWorks parted company, but it’s still got Jay Roach (Austin Powers) set to helm with Steve Carell and Paul Rudd set to star. Production should start in October…which is a long way off. Source.
  • For you Heroes fans who can’t stop watching and want NBC to put you out of your misery, sorry. New season is going to be ordered. Why? Because it performs really, really well. Mostly because you people can’t stop watching it. But I can’t condemn you. I still remember when I was buying Green Lantern for about two years and I had no idea why. Source.
  • Apparently The New York Times is doing a graphic novel best seller list. David Gallaher wants you to put High Moon on the map, which is available for pre-order. We endorse this effort whole heartedly. Here’s your link, friends.
  • In a hellaciously confusing article, Michael Jackson is revealed to be doing a string of shows in London which is both his comeback and “final curtain call.” Cher has been doing farewell tours for what seems like six decades now, so I’m sure there’s money in it. So.
  • An Alan Moore-signed limited edition hardcover is up for auction to benefit the Hero Initiative, “dedicated to helping comic book veterans by providing financial aid for emergency situations, medical care, and other necessities of life.” The book is from TwoMorrows Publishing, purveyor of kickass comic book-related material, and it’s The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore: Indispensable Edition. It’s #99 in a series of 100 autographed limited edition books and has a badass cover by Dave McKean. You can find the auction here. It ends 9:30pm EST this coming Thursday the 12th. Visit the official TwoMorrows site here.
  • Re-Animator: The Series: Herbert West

  • Re-Animator: The Series. No, seriously. If you need to know more than that snippet of the pic is telling you, just go read the Fangoria post and see the full pics. If played for laughs like the movie was to a great degree, it could be at least watchable. But that’s a big green and glowing IF.
  • The Runaways is the biopic of the teenage all-girl band that had among its members Joan Jett and Lita Ford. Kirsten Stewart (Twilight) is attached to play Jett and Dakota Fanning is in talks to play frontwoman Cheri Currie. I didn’t know that Fanning is to be a vampire in New Moon, the Twilight sequel. Love to hear Tuffley and Rob’s thoughts on this. The band movie, not necessarily the vampire movie. Source.
  • The WTFtastic Japanese Spider-Man show is starting up on streaming and free. Another episode every Thursday. Find it here. Found via Bendis.
  • Ben Templesmith pointed out in his Twitter that his graphic novel, Welcome to Hoxford, has been optioned by 1492 Entertainment. Congrats to Ben. Article here. You can snag the paperback here.
  • The Wrestler hits DVD and Blu-Ray on April 21st. You can pre-order your DVD here or your Blu-Ray here.