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Drona, Krrish and Rajni


io9 clues us into another Bollywood super-hero movie, to tide us over until Shah Rukh Khan does his Spider-Man bit. I have no idea from watching this trailer WTF is happening but I do know that there will be singing and swordplay and great CG. Plus Eros are the same people who brought you the amazing Devdas. So potential suck factor is extremely low.

Here’s the trailer. More after the break.

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Before that, there was Krrish. I have not seen all of this film, but I will say this: this scene might seem Velveeta, but Bollywood has Velveeta. It also has fights, love stories and the movies are three hours long. So there’s plenty of room for lots, including cheese. In fact, for all I know they break into some huge musical production number right after this clip ends. Thus is the magic of Bollywood.

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But you would be hard-pressed to surpass the hero known as Rajnikanth. Because physics bow to his every whim. And going up against him is like fighting The Midnighter if he had been created by Chuck Jones. He has got more Awesome in his system than Ace Hunter.

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