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Cars: An Anatomical Model

Lightning McQueen Anatomical by Jake Parker

I enjoyed the movie Cars. I am not a car expert nor am I into autoporn, so anything that can be about cars and still be interesting is, in my mind at least, pretty impressive. Hence my great respect for Top Gear. But for something to actually get me excited about car racing–at least the kind where you drive in an oval shape for a prolonged period of time–that’s even more impressive. So the fact that Cars‘ opening sequence was intriguing says a lot for Pixar magic. They can put life into lifeless things and put my interest into things that I could normally give a shit about.

So I enjoyed it. But I apparently wasn’t the only one to consider what a world populated by anthropomorphized cars would mean–sort of like Playskool’s Maximum Overdrive. We envisioned a world where the cars were running on a biofuel made of nothing but ground-up people.

Jake Parker at Agent 44 has wondered about Carworld as well. So much that he created a model of Lightning McQueen that shows his “major internal structures.” There’s a fragment over there–you’ll need to go to his blog to check out the full deal. It is extraordinarily weird to see a giant brain in the back seat area of a car. It reminds me of a friend of mine in high school who took the back seat out of his car so he could install bigass speakers back there. So it’s like my friend from high school turning out to be the Ultra-Humanite.

It’s very cool. And it reminds me of something we posted before: the work of Hyungkoo Lee, who created The Animatus–a series of skeletons based on cartoon characters. And in poking at that, we found this: a video from his display at the Korean Pavilion of Animatus as well as another exhibit called The Objectuals.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

I thought surely somebody else must have played around with this idea, and sure enough: teddy bear skulls.

Teddy skull!

I found these over at Street Anatomy, where they cover stuff like this all the time. It’s a bit on the wicked cool side. Vanessa Ruiz’ blog “obsessively covers the use of human anatomy in art, advertising, and design.” We can understand obsession.


  • Although i am not an car expert also cars are needed by many but all want different things in it and on the outside. Hopefully one day we will be able to create our own car so we get to choose what the does and then at the end you have a set price. Now you get bits that you like but pay what the manufacturers want you to pay and as soon as the car leaves the showroom you loose a large percentage of the cars value.

  • Dear Cars for Sale: With your link removed you get no mojo and have just made me stronger. Mostly I just let your comment go through because it amused me. Either way, thanks.