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Stuff: Who’s at the Helm of Tintin?


  • Who’s directing the Tintin movies? Steven Spielberg is on board to helm the first one. Although Herge Studios, who owns the rights, said Peter Jackson is doing the first film. But no, he’s on board for Tintin 2. That’s what Spielberg’s and Jackson’s people both say. But Jackson is producing the first film. And of course, Jackson is going to do this after Hobbits 1 & 2, so I hope he can fit it all in. Anyway, film one is based on The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure and will be adapted by Stephen Moffat. And it “will be animated with motion-capture technology and star 18-year-old Thomas Sangster as Tintin and Andy Serkis as his friend Captain Haddock.” But if Jackson’s involved, we at least know it will be the good mo-cap rather than the Zemeckis mo-cap. Source.
  • Chemical Wedding is the biopic of Aleister Crowley. And it’s written by Bruce Dickinson, former frontman for Iron Maiden. And it’s starring Simon Callow as Crowley. According to the IMDB, Julian Doyle (editor on Life of Brian and Brazil) is helming. Source.

    Oh wait, here’s a trailer:

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    That’s a biopic?

  • So this is different–Warner China Film HG–which apparently is a partnership between Warner Brothers, China Film Group and the Hengdian Group has decided to remake Cellular as Connected. Which is the same story–but with Hong Kong action sequences. And those improve anything. Source.
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  • Universal has announced Incredible Hulk on a 3-disc special edition DVD or Blu-Ray. Pre-order the 3-disc here and the Blu-Ray here.
  • Lionsgate has announced the first season of Reaper will hit DVD on November 4th. No pre-order yet.
  • Stromberg, the German version of The Office (which we previously posted about in our international roundup, is going to be turned into a feature film, which will be the show’s fourth season’s finale. Source.
  • St. Trinians, the British comedy (we posted the trailer on our Bond 22 guide), has been finally sold to Neo Classics in the U.S. And there’s a sequel in the works, St. Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold. If you never thought you’d see Rupert Everett in drag being related to pirates, then well, think again. Source.
  • That Threadless sale we mentioned previously? Some of the designs have now dropped to $9 instead of $12. So move your arse if you haven’t.
  • Virgin Comics is shutting down its New York operation and instead may be going to Los Angeles because Hollywood is more interested in their comics than most readers, apparently. Source.