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Win The Smothers Brothers Best of Season 3 on DVD!

Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour Best of Season 3 DVD Cover Art

The Smothers Brothers. Stacked with comedy and music and censorship struggles, their show was groundbreaking. And the DVD release that covers the best of their third season isn’t so bad, either. Time-Life has released a four-disc set of goodness, which includes not just shows, and uncensored material that was never broadcast. I think this is a sweet set. And I’m pleased to tell you that I have five copies of this sweet set that I am more than willing to hurl at you–if you win. And to win, you must enter. And to better your chances, you should enter once a day. Have at it!

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

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  • I forgot and entered some contest twice in 24hrs. Will those extra entries be discarded or will I get disqualified from those contests hehe?

  • I just entered the Cat Stevens DVD (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UNIVERSE!! I saw him in person in Detroit 3 times!)…but I just realized when I entered for the Smothers Brothers DVD, that I left off my birth YEAR on the Cat Stevens entry!! Can you please add it….I don’t want to risk being thought of as a ‘sweeps-scoff/law’, by going back and re-entering. Thanks SO MUCH!!
    Marty Lentz
    YEAR of birth (saying it loud and proud – 1942!)

  • No worries, Marty…and I removed your e-mail from the comment lest you get lots of contact from people you didn’t want to hear from.

  • I wonder what kind of calendar you folks are using. The Smothers Brothers sweeps is supposed to go until Oct. 16. My calendar says it is Oct. 7, but you folks say it’s over now. What’s the legit closing? I wanted to enter today, but I can’t.

  • Thank you for your prompt response and resolution of the problem. It’s nice to know people do pay attention and correct the correctable(is that a word?). Would that Washington does that. BTW, I LOVE The Smothers Brothers.

  • Linda: You’re very welcome. Thanks for letting us know. And as for Washington, I think the less they try to “correct” things the better…