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Coffee Shop of Horrors is Alive! It’s ALIVE!

Zombie Dirt espresso from Coffee Shop of Horrors

We’ve been fans of Coffee Shop of Horrors for years. We make it a point to stop by their booth every year at DragonCon and stock up on the horror-themed java goodness. However, Ed over at The Unique Geek sounded the alarm when it looked like their website was in a state of flux, not unlike a Lemarchand box being reconfigured.

Turns out that it soon was twisted about the right way, and when we checked in with The Shop (by that we mean, the aforementioned Coffee Shop–not the government organization that employs assassins like George C. Scott…but…that would be really fucking cool if it was secretly one and the same) we were told that they’ve recently changed hands, revamped their website and have changed geographic locations. They do indeed have an online presence only (unless you catch them at a show–which I urge you to do) and have eleven variations currently up for sale with more to come.

From what they have up at the moment, I can personally recommend the Zombie Dirt espresso (pictured) or the Burial Grounds. Others over at The Unique Geek swear by the Shock-o-Rama, which albeit highly caffeinated was a bit too caramelly last time I tried it. And for me, that’s saying something. I strongly hint (nay, I blatantly suggest!) that they release a non-flavored highly caffeinated brew. They could even call it “Aim For The Head,” which says it all, really.

Go give them love. And tell em we said hi, would you?