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Your Weekend Justice #13: The Magic of Belief

Jerry Reed!

We’re back. The following podcast should be considered NSFW, not safe for children, and not safe for most forms of carbon-based life. It’s definitely not for the easily offended.


  • Tuffley for the wins
  • DragonCon post-mortem
  • Tuffley in diguise, that’s what you are
  • Obligatory Torchwood bitching
  • Ken & ScottC do a classic Looney Tunes routine
  • ScottC, his grandmother, and DragonCon
  • Psychics
  • In favor of dumbsploitation
  • Criss Angel
  • Believers vs. people who think
  • ScottC’s fanbase
  • Ken’s catharsis
  • Monkey Magic returns?
  • Fuck no, it does not
  • Widge’s secret origin
  • Widge’s musical past
  • Jerry Reed’s Kids
  • Jerry Reed: Beyond Thunderdome
  • ScottC’s heavy breathing
  • Velma’s wild experimentations

Of course, special thanks go out to Clutch for letting us use their absolutely badass song, “Promoter (of earthbound causes)” as our theme music for this.

Buy Blast Tyrant, which is where you can find “Promoter”. Buy their latest album, Strange Cousins from the West. Send them love and coin.

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Group Picks:

Essential Jerry Reed CD cover art
Scooby-Doo's Snack Tracks CD cover art

Scott’s Pick:

Tuffley’s Pick:

Spore game cover art

Ken’s Pick:

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown DVD cover art

Widge’s Pick:

Touch of Evil DVD cover art


  • the religious convention that occured during Dragon Con was the Salvation Army’s. That was exciting weird.

  • Wow, good to see how much you all DIDN’T review the XTrack panel descriptions this year.

    And, btw, butts were in the seats for the paranormal panels. *growls*

  • Um, hello…who was the one defending the concept of “Whatever gets butts in seats?” Don’t growl at me, young lady. Okay, maybe a little. :)

  • The growl was not at you, as I’m sure you are aware. :)

    I think this is a longer discussion, and perhaps not best here, about what everyone sees as “important” — because, trust me, from the e-mails I receive the list of an attendees “important panels” goes from left to right to everything in between. :)