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2 Skinnee: The Boxed Set and The Motion Picture

2 Skinnee Js: Big Green Box

2 Skinnee Js are the band that bars the door between you and musical mediocrity. They stand between the world and utter chaos. They hold the line. They are your guardo camino.

And now, good news, in the light of their reunion tour. Not another reunion tour, which would be nice. Especially one that came nearer to me, you know. Anyway, first, their massive Big Green Book boxed set is now available on Amazon, for those of you who couldn’t attend a show or find a friend to attend on your behalf. Needcoffee Irregular La Gridmonster was kind enough to hook me up for which I am quite grateful. But buy yours today. Do it for the children, if not for yourself.

Also, a docu, Get in the Van, was shot during the tour. I have the sneaking suspicion that clues as to why we don’t get more reunion tours may lie within. Here’s a trailer:

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