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Howard V. Brown, Lovecraftian Illustrator

Lovecraft Astounding Stories cover by Howard V. Brown

Golden Age Comic Book Stories has posted some cover art and interior work by Howard V. Brown, who illustrated At The Mountains of Madness and The Shadow Out of Time when they appeared in Astounding Stories back in 1936. While the architecture that Brown drew is fantastic, I can’t help but think that the creatures were designed by Henson. More testament to the fact that Lovecraft should be read and not seen, for the most part.

Not to say they’re not classic bits of horror art. In fact, Brown has prints and posters and such available at Amazon.

Of course, my first Lovecraft books (sounds like something from Sony: My First Lovecraft!) had the Michael Whelan covers. And they are badass. I have to be careful about Whelan, though. He has led me astray on occasion. For example, it was Whelan’s cover art which tricked me into buying Tad Williams’ Otherland. And that was a huge chunk of my reading life I’ll never get back.

Found via Ectoplasmosis.

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