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Halloween: And Now a Word From Our Sponsor…

Woolworth and Woolco retro Halloween costume commercial

Let’s start with a Woolworth’s commercial here:

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Isn’t it odd that a kid’s Halloween costume used to consist of a thin plastic mask and then a smock-like thing that you wore which bore the logo of the thing you were supposed to represent? Where this wasn’t the case was rare, like in the Wonder Woman costume they showed. But why, if you’re dressed like Darth Vader, do you have a Vader mask on…and then Vader’s face on your chest? Our childhood was very odd.

Found at Kindertrauma via Monster Rally.

Next, how about a Carvel Halloween ice cream cake?

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Did they say “Wikki the Witch”? Never mind, back to costumes.

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Jesus, that is the saddest Big Bird I have ever seen. And why the hell is Yoda blue…?

Nowadays kids, when they are arsed to dress up, have all kinds of cool costumes they can pick from. In fact, any kid that comes to the Technocave wanting candy and who doesn’t have a costume has to come up with one on the spot. True story: two kids showed up in their normal clothes. We asked the first one, “What are you? You can’t just be you. It’s Halloween. You’re supposed to be in costume.” He thought and thought and thought and finally said, “I’m a rapper.” Fair enough. So we asked his friend, “Okay, and what are you?” Kid didn’t miss a beat. “I’m his manager.” Best answer we’ve ever gotten.