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32 Days of Halloween III, Day 32: Odds and Ends

Hitchhiking ghosts

Wow. As always with these things, I can’t believe we’re nearing the finish line for 32 Days of Halloween PART III. It’s our third year of doing this, so thanks to everybody for coming out–and for being receptive to the addition of all the daily audio bits. Yes, we’ve got one more movie to go this evening (three guesses as to what it is) and an audio finale I’ll post later today. As always, on our way out the door with this, it’s time for some lovely bits of miscellanea that we couldn’t stick anywhere else.

First up, it’s quite possibly the most surreal and spoooky episode of The Dating Game ever. You’ll quickly ascertain why. And check out that outfit. Seriously, WTF? And also–the bachelors are scarier than the special guest. Which takes work.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Lesson learned: don’t try to be funnier than a master actor. Especially if, you know, you’re not funny. And in case you’re wondering about the bachelorette there, it’s Janit Baldwin, who went on to appear in films like Where the Buffalo Roam and, yes, Phantom of the Paradise.

And this next bit is another frequent focus here on the site–and this version of the vid is a bit pixellated, but trust me, you’re not missing much. And in fact, it’s probably easier to handle. It’s easily the most terrifying commercial since the one he did for Ronson Lighters but perhaps for different reasons.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

And lastly, so you know I’m a sucker for Disney and an even bigger sucker for The Haunted Mansion. So here’s one of the best voices ever, Paul Frees, and his recording session where he did his magic for the attraction.

Alas, that’s been taken down…but here’s some outtakes of Frees, and Pete Renoudet comes after with a different version. A bit too echo-y for my tastes, but there you have it.

Update: That was taken down as well. Damn.

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