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32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 16: Vincent Price Enhances Any Product

Vincent Price and bird

It’s been a day for Vincent Price, this 16th day of 32 Days of Halloween. And previously we’ve posted a smattering of Vincent Price commercials.

And let’s face it: Vincent can make just about anything sound good. And he can take any product or pitch to another level.

As an example, why in the hell is a polar bear talking about wine coolers? It’s not because they needed a break from drinking Coke…looking on the Coke website, polar bears didn’t become the mainstay of Coke commercials as we know them until 1993. Really? Seems like it’s been longer. Anyway…notice how when you notice it’s Price’s voice, you’re distracted from how ridiculous the moment is. I am, anyway…


Maybe it’s because polar bears hunt humans? No idea. Anyway, moving on. Here’s a Citibank card commercial that we’ve posted previously…but now it’s back online! Excellent! Make the acquaintance of Coral Browne, aka Mrs. Vincent Price…

Ah, the bug whacker. Memories. Anyway, what’s interesting is that Browne was originally Australian. But apparently hanging out with Vincent made her…well, sound like a female Vincent. But even then, she brings a credit card dignity. Is there anything that intonation cannot make dignified?

Hmm. Well, I hope the paycheck was good, anyway.

Previously on this day, we had some great Price outtakes, some excellent Price funny bits, the trailer to the Corman film of The Raven, and we started up the first year with the trailer for the first Dr. Phibes.

Image: Squeezegut Alley