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32 Days of Halloween II, Day 14: Paul Lynde’s Halloween

Paul Lynde Halloween Special

I thought I was finding some weird crap with yesterday’s Judd Hirsch as a vampire television madness. But this summarized version of The Paul Lynde Halloween Special–which I had never seen or heard of before–is quite possibly the weirdest Halloween vid ever. You remember how they tried to do Secret Wars in the Spider-Man animated series but didn’t own the rights to most of the characters so it wound up being whoever they could grab? This is a lot like that if you substitute 70s pop culture for the Marvel Universe.

Update: The summarized version is no longer online. So we’ve moved to the full version. You’ve been warned. But this must be seen: the fact that Witchiepoo and The Wicked Witch of the West are supposed to be sisters? That is like Wold Newton on genius crack.

And you know what else? You can buy it on DVD for $7. That’s mental. On lots of levels.

We wouldn’t have known about this were it not for Vinnie Rattolle’s Records. So you can blame them.

P.S. Last year at this time, we all enjoyed the trailer for the original Frankenstein!

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