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Winners Galore!


UFO Hunters has been hunted down by Donna Vance of Oklahoma.

The Medium Season 4 DVDs will be biggie-sized by Candace Smith of Michigan, Eleanor Berg of Indiana, Cassady Quigley of Pennsylvania, T. McMahon of New Jersey, William Causey of Michigan

Wings Season 7 will fly out to Jennifer Wiegand of Virginia, B.J. Perry of Nova Scotia, Michelle Lee of California, Chris Brown of Wisconsin, Kimberly Hall of Alabama.

The Zebrahead winners are Lance Conroy of New York and Sharon Aquilino of California.

Horatio Hornblower sets sail for Stella Raines of Louisiana.

The Proteus winners are Diane Ellsworth of North Dakota and Clay Epstein of Arizona.

And our A Perfect Circle vinyl winner is Thomas Coughlin of Washington.

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  • cool looks like i won the medium dvd.
    i love the needcoffee contests and i try to enter them daily.
    some real cool prizes
    one great site