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Nevermore 2009 Announced

Edgar Allan Poe

So Baltimore has a huge celebration of Edgar Allan Poe planned, since 2009 is his 200th birthday. That’s on January 19th. But they’re apparently having stuff all year long. You can read all about it at their official site, but here’s the bit that really caught my attention:

They’re apparently re-interring Poe’s remains next to his grandfather, grandmother and brother Henry in Westminster cemetery on October 10th. On October 7th, the date of his death, they’re having a public viewing of his body before he’s laid to rest again. And then on the 10th a funeral service.

I thought I was doing good to share a cup of coffee with Poe’s bust at the Poe Museum a few years back. And now I actually the opportunity to see him. On one hand, that’s sorta kinda morbid as hell. On the other hand, that’s still sorta kinda morbid as hell. On the third hand I keep in the drawer of my desk for just such an occasion…holy crap, I want to be there.


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