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For Whatever It’s Worth: Harry Potter’s Wizarding World in Progress

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Revealed in 2010 - Universal Orlando

Okay, so the reason the site went a little spare for a few days is because I went to a convention in Miami, followed by a stopover for a few days in Orlando. My full report on our blitzkrieg mission to do as much Disney and Universal as we could manage shortly. But in the meantime, I thought I would share this:

As Dindrane reported last year, Harry Potter is headed for theme parkdom at Universal Orlando. So while we were there sprinting between rides, I snagged some pics. Nothing mind-shattering, mind you, so don’t let your expectations get out of hand: but if there’s one thing I learned on my trip, there are others who would be able to make more out of these pics than I.

First up, the shield that says 2010 is when we can expect the place to open. And if the official site is any indication, it’s going to be pretty damn swank.


These are the other shields that they had up on the wall and then there’s the Ministry Proclamation. Below that are two pictures, both taken of the structure you can see over the wall, and then me taking a picture through a hole in the wall. Told you: not much, but I thought you’d want to see what there was to see. Now you can sleep at night.

Harry Potter shields Proclamation: Ministry Decree No. 01: Magic at Work

Hogwarts in Progress Hogwarts in Progress #2: Through the Fence