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Stuff You Need to Know: The Criterion Addendum

Such is my love for you all (and my love of Criterion), that I throw you this link to this sale and there’s no kickbacks involved. The prices are just really, really damn good and you definitely need to know about this. If you or someone you love is thinking of buying Criterion for somebody for Xmas (or even just buying Criterion in general), then run don’t walk to their site, where they’re having a 40% off sale for in-stock items. In stock. That means if it goes out of stock, it’s off the block. Go now because they’re already running out.

And lastly, here’s a quick holiday gift tip about Criterion–and this one, admittedly, has kickbacks associated with it, but I’m telling it to you because it’s just a great trick–The Silence of the Lambs Criterion edition is out of print. And any fan of the film needs it because it has one of the best audio commentaries I’ve ever heard: Hopkins, Foster, director Demme, scribe Tally and the FBI consultant they had on the film. The trick is this: it’s cheap. You can buy it used on Amazon for as low as $6.98. And when you present it and they open it you can say, “Yeah, that’s the out of print version. Features on it you can’t get anywhere else.” And they will be Suitably Impressed. Trust me.