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“Here’s Tom With the Weather…”

70s weather report

A broadcast from 1973 and WLS out of Chicago. At first when I saw this I thought it might be Twitter-worthy but maybe not post-worthy. Sure, it’s scary retrotastic, what with the hair, the powder blue blazers, the Spinning Cube of Meteorological Knowledge, and other such fun. See if you can see what line made the clip transcend. Answer after the vid.

In the meantime, check out the aforementioned blazers with the “7” logo on them. These guys could be two members of a DC team appearing in Showcase or something, you know?

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via Classic Television Showbiz.

If you answered, “No Skylab passes for some time,” then you’re right. If you wonder what the hell that means, go ask your parents. And why are you even reading this now? It’s a school night.


  • Heh. While potentially funny, it didn’t fall out of the sky ’til 1979. :D

    “No Skylab passes for some time”: orbital station-keeping being what it is, Skylab probably only passed over Chicago (visibly and at night) about once every few months.

  • Actually, I didn’t think that was funny so much as the “Holy crap, a weather report involving Skylab” factor. But yes, it would be great if they kept saying that through, say, 1980.