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Demetri Martin. Person. (2007) – DVD Review

Demetri Martin. Person. DVD cover


Written by: Demetri Martin
Directed by: Jay Karas
Starring: Demetri Martin


  • Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Comedy Central Presents… Demetri Martin
  • Tiny Poster
  • Extra Footage

Released by: Paramount Home Video / Comedy Central
Region: 1
Rating: NR
Anamorphic: N/A; appears in its original 1.33:1 format

My Advice: Rent It

Demetri Martin’s comedic style is firmly in the observational school, like Steven Wright without the drone or Mitch Hedberg without the contact high. Martin’s doesn’t restrict himself to the standard stand-up mold though. In his Comedy Central special Demetri Martin: Person, he uses a large pad to illustrate some of surreal observations. He is performs musical accompaniment with the piano, guitar, harmonica, and some brightly colored toy bells.

[ad#longpost]So, is he funny? Well, he’s amusing. I have to admit, I prefer my comedy to be more honest and more brutal. This kind of surreal observation is hit or miss with me. I can’t stand Steven Wright, but I liked Mitch Hedberg. Martin is clever, I will give him that. The bit where he says it matters what’s in the half-full or half-empty glass is pretty good. I also like how he involved a multimedia aspect to his comedy. The large pad with his simplistic but humorous illustrations works well. He integrates his musical performance into his act where sometimes it’s just background, sometimes it’s a central part of the bit. Again, he is talented, it’s just not my cup of tea.

The DVD has a fair amount of extras. There is an episode of Comedy Central Presents… where we see more of Demetri Martin’s schtick and several small clips for live appearances. These are interesting to see how Martin’s comedy evolved over time. You also get some deleted scenes from the special, showing that editing can cover a multitude of sins including a squeaky audience chair and jokes going badly. Some of this is discussed in the audio commentary. This commentary was a little different than your usual since it had Martin’s sister, mother, grandmother, and two uncles. Now the family is part of Martin’s act so it does make sense that they would be involved in the commentary. Still, I would like to have heard more about how Martin developed his material or the process of getting a special like this together.

The large pad from Demetri Martin: Person

Since Demetri Martin’s Comedy Central series Important Things with Demetri Martin is starting its second season at the time of this writing, you may want to check this up and coming new talent. He doesn’t click for me, but he might work just fine for you.

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