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I Don’t Care How Goddamn Cute You Are, HAL… Open the Pod Bay Doors.

Mr. HAL 9000 papercraft

That’s right…it’s like a Tom Strong-induced nightmare: what would happen if Stanley Kubrick came up with The Modular Man first? He would look like a legion of these little guys. And sound like Douglas Rain. And really creep you right the hell out.

As I think about this further…has anyone written that yet? A Tom Strong/2001 crossover fan fic thing? You could have Jack B. Quick in the role of Dr. Chandra. Tom Strong as Heywood Floyd. And Jonni Future in the role of Walter Curnow, brought in because the original Johnny Future’s designs were used in the making of the Discovery. And I’m sure it would be child’s play to come up with a series of Alan Moore-esque Russian heroes as amalgams of other Russian comic book characters to play the crew of the Leonov.

I need to go lie down now.

My headache brought to you by Gizmodo.


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