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Seriously Old School Board Games

Old board games

I’ve been a frustrated gamer for all my life, as I’ve mentioned on here numerous times. So I won’t mention the story of my attempt to play, out of desperation, Star Frontiers with my grandmother. Or the fact that the last video game I played all the way through is Myst. I fell back on board games, trying to destroy all competitors in stuff like Monopoly, and marveling at house versions of games like Risk–I was very impressed when the neighbor’s uncle created one that introduced nukes to the game.

BibliOdyssey goes back–way back–to show us interesting games. Like a proto-Risk entitled “Russia versus Turkey.” Or a British propaganda version of what looks like it could be “Chutes and Ladders,” but with guns. See the full post here. Anybody know where you can find rules for some of these?